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Derry Girls: Episode Three

‘Episode Three’

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Aired January 18, 2018

After the girls fail to study for a history exam, they latch onto an apparition to get them out of the test.

Quote from Erin

Father Peter: And you know, it became more challenging when I met this amazing girl. There was just this...
Erin: Connection?
Father Peter: Exactly. You know, made me question everything, doubt everything. Who knows? If God hadn't
sent me this sign, I might have even left the priesthood to be with her.
Erin: What if he didn't?
Father Peter: I'm sorry?
Erin: Send you the sign, I mean. Just for argument's sake.
Father Peter: Well, he did, Erin. You know, I could never abandon him now.
Erin: It's not true.
Father Peter: What?
Erin: We're lying. We've been lying. There was no smirking, no weeping. The dog's not even dead. He's living with Maureen Malarkey. None of it's true, Peter. It's all balls. But the good news is... you're free. We're free. We can be together. [Father Peter walks away]

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