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Episode Three

‘Episode Three’

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Aired January 18, 2018

After the girls fail to study for a history exam, they latch onto an apparition to get them out of the test.

Quote from Clare

Michelle: No way!
Erin: What now?
Clare: She's crying! She's crying real tears!
Erin: Oh, God, please. Oh, God, no, this is bad.
Clare: I said we needed a miracle and, behold! We have been given one!
Erin: This isn't a miracle, Clare.
Clare: The exam, Erin!


Quote from Sister Michael

Father Peter: This is just going to be a very relaxed, informal chat. And I don't want you to think of me as a priest, think of me as a friend. Look... [removes dog collar] Just like you now.
Sister Michael: Dose.

Quote from Erin

Father Peter: So, before we begin, do you guys have any questions for me?
Erin: Is that your real eye colour or are they contacts?
Father Peter: These are my real eyes.

Quote from Michelle

Father Peter: Anyone else?
Michelle: Have you ever done any modelling, or...
Father Peter: No.

Quote from Erin

Father Peter: The five of you attending chapel, praying together, would that be a typical morning?
Michelle: [scoffs] Very good.
Erin: He's not joking, Michelle.
Michelle: Oh, Christ, fuck no. We were just following that stupid dog.

Quote from Erin

Father Peter: What if this dog you saw, Erin, what if it didn't simply look like your dog... What if it actually was your dog?
Erin: Right. Maybe. But as I think we mentioned, Toto's dead. My ma saw him get hit by an army Land Rover
and buried him in our back garden, so probably not.
Father Peter: [stands up] A beloved animal returning from the dead, now, we've seen this before.
Orla: Ooh, ghost dog.
Father Peter: No, not ghost dog. Resurrected dog! Don't you see? Toto was sent back to lead you to that chapel! To that statue! Because you're special, Erin. You have been chosen.
Erin: Oh, Peter. It's all just so overwhelming.
Sister Michael: Hmm.

Quote from Ma Mary

Mary: Here's what I find strange. You're in that chapel every single Sunday, yet this message from on high comes on the very day you happen to have an exam, which I know for a fact you haven't as much as even opened a book for!
Sister Michael: I find that very strange as well, Mrs. Quinn. Very strange indeed.
Erin: What are you suggesting?
Mary: If you are lying, Erin, so help me, Jesus...
Erin: I'm not lying!
Mary: Swear. Swear on Dolly.
Erin: Orla saw, too!
Mary: Orla's easily led.
Orla: Thank you, Aunt Mary.

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Father Peter: Look, I'm sure you all must have questions.
Sarah: I have a question.
Father Peter: Yes.
Sarah: How do you stay in such good shape? Is it exercise? Diet?
Father Peter: Combination of both.

Quote from Ma Mary

Erin: I don't understand it.
Father Peter: The Lord's work is often difficult to comprehend.
Erin: No, I mean, I really, really don't understand it.
Mary: You're right, Father. He has risen. It's truly a miracle.

Quote from Sister Michael

Father Peter: But first, let us pray, please... join hands.
Sister Michael: I don't want you to touch me.

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