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Episode Six

‘Episode Six’

Season 1, Episode 6 -  Aired February 8, 2018

Erin is excited to be made the editor of the school paper. Meanwhile, Orla is obsessed with step aerobics, and Da Gerry has a problem at the photo place.

Quote from Da Gerry

Joe: I've got my eye on you, boy.
Gerry: Jesus, Joe.
Joe: What are you doing here? Meeting your fancy woman, I suppose.
Gerry: No, I'm not. I'm collecting Mary's photographs. And if I was having an illicit rendezvous with my mistress, I'm not sure that the supermarket that my father-in-law is doing the big shop in would be the best place for it, really.


Quote from James

James: OK. Right. OK. How do I do a new line again?
Michelle: [smoking] Return. Jesus, James. How many times?
James: Return.

Quote from Michelle

Clare: I can't understand. [copier beeps] Come on!
Erin: Seriously? Will you be quiet? I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing over here.
Michelle: OK. You're gonna have to never say that sentence again.

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Sarah: Here, Daddy, get a whiff of that.
Joe: Oh, that's very nice, love.
Ciaran: It's you!
Sarah: What?
Ciaran: The photographs. Well, I remember you. I couldn't forget ya. Hope you don't mind me saying this,
but you have a cracking clavicle.
Sarah: I don't mind, Ciaran. I don't mind at all.
Joe: Oh, for Christ's sake.

Quote from Erin

Erin: She won't even talk to me. She doesn't even want to sit beside me. In French, she moved next to Caoimhe Callaghan, so things must be really bad, because Caoimhe reeks of piss.

Quote from Granda Joe

Joe: Mary, come on. Would you not reconsider?
Mary: No, Da.
Joe: Please, love. Just the once.
Mary: I'm not letting you hit him, Da.

Quote from Ma Mary

Erin: Guess who's been made editor of the school magazine! Me! I have. Can you believe it?
Mary: Oh, Christ. My whites. I think I know what happened to the wee docket.

Quote from Orla

Erin: Enough. Come on. We need to make a call on our lead story. OK. So, let's... Would you stop doing that, please?
Orla: I can't let my heart rate drop, I'm afraid, Erin.

Quote from Erin

Clare: Come on, Erin, you can't do that.
Erin: Why not?
Clare: We'll get in trouble, real trouble, big trouble.
Erin: You're not afraid of a bit of controversy, are you?
Clare: Yes. Actually, yes, I am. Something like this could go on our permanent record, Erin.
Erin: And what's more important, Clare? Your permanent record, or telling this poor girl's story?
Clare: My permanent record. Count me out. [exits]
Erin: Fine. Well, this issue of The Habit will go down in history. In history, I say!
Michelle: You seriously need to chill the fuck out.

Quote from Granda Joe

Joe: You see, I was so focused on pissing off that gobshite my eldest girl's unfortunate enough to be married to, that I completely lost sight of the fact that they were really her birthday photos. And my other girl, my younger girl, well, she was looking very slim at the time, so go and grab them for me, there's a good fella.
Ciaran: I can't accept that.
Joe: I think something's been lost in translation here, boy.

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