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Episode Four

‘Episode Four’

Season 1, Episode 4 -  Aired January 25, 2018

Erin is excited to play host to Katya, a teenager from Ukraine, on a cultural exchange. Meanwhile, Ma Mary is upset when Granda Joe starts seeing a woman.

Quote from Orla

Erin: For God's sake, Orla, you're gonna make yourself boke.
Orla: I can handle it.


Quote from Erin

Mary: Come on, Katya, love. Let's talk about this, please.
Katya: I am finished talking. She is racist, patronising bitch.
Erin: I am a racist, patronising bitch.
Joe: Now, come on, girls. Language, please.
Mary: Well, you don't really wanna go to Jenny Joyce's house, do you, love?
Katya: Yes, I do. Apart from anything, it has eight bedrooms and a chocolate fountain.
Mary: I hope you're happy, Erin. You've just done us out of your Russian.
Erin: Ukrainian.
Katya: Good for you, Mr. Joe. She is hot and you're not dead, yet. Why not have some fun?

Quote from Granda Joe

Gerry: That Maeve away?
Joe: Aye.
Gerry: Nice woman.
Joe: Aye.
Gerry: Mary and Sarah will come round eventually, Joe. It's just hard for them to see you with somebody else, you know. As far as they're concerned, their mother was perfect.
Joe: Piss off, Gerry. [to a picture of his late wife] And they're right. You were perfect.

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