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Episode Five

‘Episode Five’

Season 1, Episode 5 -  Aired February 1, 2018

With the Orange Order march looming, Erin's friends join the family as they head out of Derry. Meanwhile, Aunt Sarah's tarot cards predict disaster.

Quote from Da Gerry

Joe: What the hell were you playing at back there, kemosabe?
Gerry: That's actually a Native American term.
Joe: What were you meant to be?
Mary: Japanese.
James: I don't think you get much Japanese tourism in Derry, do you?
Michelle: Aye, cos that's why it wasn't believable. Dickweed.


Quote from Michelle

Michelle: I'm in shock.
Erin: It's insane!
Michelle: I don't even think I fancy him.
Erin: What?
Michelle: Well, it's obviously him. It's obviously my husband. Like, it's just too much of a coincidence.

Quote from Da Gerry

Gerry: It's aiding and abetting! We're talking serious jail time here.
Joe: Well, it's a risk we have to take.
Gerry: No, it's not, Joe! It's not a risk we have to take. It's a risk we shouldn't take!
Joe: Don't you take that tone with me, boy.
Mary: He seems like a nice enough fella, Gerry.
Gerry: We have to walk away from this.
Erin: What if we can't walk away, Daddy? What if we don't help him and he kills us all because we know too much?
Orla: I like him. I think he's a character.

Quote from Da Gerry

Mary: What do you fancy, Sarah?
Sarah: I wouldn't mind a wee vodka.
Michelle: Make that two.
Waitress: We don't sell alcohol.
Sarah: I'll take a tea.
Waitress: Any food?
Mary: We're just looking.
Waitress: Fine.
Gerry: Yeah, and at 2.25 a burger, looking is all we'll be doing!

Quote from Erin

Emmett: Don't mind me, just grabbing a knife. Take it you haven't decided yet?
Joe: Just leave it with me, son.
Emmett: Aye, no pressure. Sure, I'll be over here if you need me.
Erin: What the hell does he need a knife for?
James: He's eating his lunch.

Quote from Granda Joe

Joe: Listen, have you killed anyone, son?
Emmett: No. Well, at least not directly.
Joe: Well, there you go. So that settles it.
Gerry: I don't think that does settle it, actually, Joe!
Joe: You know what's wrong with you, Gerry? You're an awful wuss.
Gerry: I'm not a wuss!
Joe: You're afraid of your own shadow.
Gerry: I'm not!
Joe: Well, then, grow a set of balls and help the fella out!
Gerry: I have a set of balls, thank you very much!

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