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Quote from Aunt Sarah in Halloween

Gerry: The thing is, Ciaran, there's been a bit of a misunderstanding, about the engagement.
Ciaran: She's not calling it off, is she?
Joe: Well done, Columbo.
Ciaran: Why? Oh, Christ, she's met someone else, hasn't she?
Gerry: Not exactly. Now, this is going to sound a bit hard to believe, but the fact is, Ciaran, that when you gave her the ring...
[Aunt Sarah walks into the room in her nun costume]
Aunt Sarah: God, Ciaran, are you still here?
Ciaran: Sarah.
Aunt Sarah: I'm awful sorry, Ciaran, are you OK?
Ciaran: Well, it's... it's a lot to take in. Though I suppose you were always spiritual in your own way.
Aunt Sarah: You're not angry with me, Ciaran, are you?
Ciaran: No. How could I be? A calling's a calling.
Aunt Sarah: Happy days.
Ciaran: I'm... I'm going to... I should go. Goodbye, Sarah.
Aunt Sarah: Goodbye, Ciaran, and God bless. [Ciaran whimpers as he walks away] He's looking well on it, isn't he?
Gerry: Stop.

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