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Quote from Aunt Sarah in Halloween

Mary: Are you engaged to Ciaran, Sarah?
Aunt Sarah: Why do you keep asking that?
Gerry: Because that's an invitation to your engagement party.
Aunt Sarah: Oh, God, aye, so it is. I think I know what's happened there.
Gerry: Do you mind filling the rest of us in?
Aunt Sarah: Well, two Fridays ago, Ciaran came to pick me up from dancercise. I'm gasping, I mean, I've a mouth on me like Gandhi's flip-flop. I tell him you need to stop at the shop and grab me a Calypso, but he says he has a better idea, and he pulls over, and he whips out...
Joe: Whips out what? What does he whip out?
Aunt Sarah: This ring. And he asks me if I'd do him the honour of accepting it.
Mary: And you did?
Aunt Sarah: Well, I knew the stone would restrict me a fair bit, nail polish wise. I mean, red's out for a start.
Mary: Christ almighty.
Aunt Sarah: And I'm wondering if me taking this ring has somehow led Ciaran to think I'd agreed to marry him.
Gerry: I'd say there's a chance it did, yeah.
Aunt Sarah: What a nightmare. I'm not even that into him, to be honest.
Joe: Not your fault, love. These bloody fellas, they only hear what they want to hear.
Mary: You have to tell him, Sarah.
Aunt Sarah: Do you think?
Mary: Yes.
Aunt Sarah: But I don't have to give the ring back, do I?

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