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Quote from Erin in Episode Four

Katya: How dare you? I am poor Ukrainian so I must be prostitute.
Erin: Hear me out. First, she comes on to James here. What would possess her? Financial gain, that's what.
Katya: He attractive boy, Erin.
Erin: He's English, Katya.
Katya: I have no problem with this.
Michelle: You should.
Erin: Secondly, she owns condoms. They're in her bag. A whole packet. I've seen them, people.
Katya: You are imbecile.
Erin: An imbecile. And thirdly, all night, wee Ukrainian fellas have been coming up and giving her money they owe her. How the hell do you explain that?
Katya: I organise - how you say it? - whip round. We like to buy Jenny present to thank her for nice party.
Jenny: Oh, you guys!
Erin: Right. OK. Yeah, that does sort of explain it.

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