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Quote from Sister Michael in Episode One

Sister Michael: Thank you. Thank you, girls. Some lovely sentiments there. Some very beautiful words. Unfortunately, that's all they are, sentiments and words. What you've just witnessed is a piece of fiction. The reality, I'm sorry to say, is much harsher, far more brutal. So let me take this opportunity to advise all our new girls to keep their guard up. Watch their back. [microphone feedback] Oh, speaking of pupils who need to watch their back, I'd like to introduce James Maguire. Show yourself, please, James. [James raises his hand] James will be the first ever boy to study here at Our Lady Immaculate College. [wolf whistle from the audience] He was due to start at Christian Brother Boys, but there were serious concerns for his safety because, well, unfortunately, James happens to be English. [laughter] But let me make one thing clear... I will not have a repeat of the Mr. Mullin affair. Is that understood?
James: [to Michelle] What's the Mr. Mullin affair?
Michelle: Student teacher. Two fourth-years cable-tied him to the monkey bars and started dry riding him. He was really good-looking, so you've nothing to worry about.

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