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Quote from Sister Michael in The Agreement

Sister Michael: Food for thought, there. The conflict here has led to so many terrible atrocities... and now we must add your play to that list. Just one message this morning, girls. Quite an important one. As Jenny's awful play just alluded to, a referendum is about to take place, the outcome of which could change the course of history. To those of you who have already turned 18, I strongly urge you to exercise your right to vote. It's your future. Take it seriously. On the other hand, and I cannot stress this enough, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in any of your other so-called rights. I don't want to hear your thoughts on the workload, or the uniform, or the fact that you have to occasionally do my ironing. Our Lady Immaculate is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. My house, my rules. Is that understood?
All: Yes, Sister Michael.
Sister Michael: In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit...

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