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Quote from Erin in Across the Barricade

Erin: [v.o.] That summer was a remarkable one. It was the summer we dared to dream. For generations, we'd known nothing but violence. Nothing but hatred. But finally we were saying, "Enough is enough." Finally, we were saying, "Let's give peace a chance."
Orla: She's up here!
Erin: Jesus Christ!
Orla: She's pretending she's on Parkinson again.
Mary: [o.s.] Parkinson? Does she know what time it is? I'll Parkinson her. I've enough on my plate without Parkinson.
Erin: Close the door! [Orla enters the bathroom] No, Orla. Leave, then close the door. [Orla leaves] And it was Wogan, for your information!

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