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Quote from Erin in Across the Barricade

Father Peter: Is that everyone? Lovely stuff. OK, so, there was a bit of a misunderstanding on the expedition today which unfortunately led to a physical altercation. I thought rather than let it fester, we should talk about it, and start to heal and repair. So... who'd like to go first?
Geraldine: Jaffa bastard? You actually said those words?
Clare: It just came out, Mammy.
Sarah: Why were you threatening people with a knife, love?
Father Peter: OK, one at a time, please.
Philip's father: Well, if you'd wear the bloody hearing aid I paid a fortune for you'd have heard what she said! Unbelievable!
Harry's father: Girls! You were fighting with girls!
Joe: [to Gerry] This is all your fault. I knew this would happen.
[As Erin goes to the "Similarities" board and writes "Parents", Dee smiles]

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