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Across the Barricade

‘Across the Barricade’

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Aired March 5, 2019

Erin and friends take part in an outdoor pursuits weekend with a group of Protestant boys as part of a peace initiative. Meanwhile, Ma Mary obsesses about the big bowl she borrowed from Deidre.

Quote from Michelle

Michelle: He's wearing a purity bracelet.
Erin: What does that mean?
Michelle: No down below action, that's what it fucking means. We have to swap.
Erin: Swap? Yeah, we'll just swap over. You take Harry, I'll take Lee.
Erin: Dee.
Michelle: Whatever.
Erin: We can't do that?
Michelle: Why not? You fancied him first, and your lack of moves won't be an issue.
Erin: That is true.
Michelle: Aye.


Quote from Michelle

Michelle: All right, there they are.
Erin: OK, if we're going to do this Michelle, we need to do it delicately.
Michelle: Of course. Oi! Lads! We want to swap.
Erin: Brilliant!
Dee: Swap?
Michelle: Yeah, Erin's gonna have Harry now and I'm gonna have you, all right? [they shake their heads] Great stuff.

Quote from Sister Michael

Father Peter: I think we all can agree, that for generations there's been a deep lack of trust between your communities. And that's where abseiling comes in.
Sister Michael: Christ.

Quote from Ma Mary

Mary: Teenage boys can be very convincing, Erin. I remember your father at that age and...
Erin: End that sentence, now.
Gerry: Yes, please do.
Joe: Creep.
Erin: We're not doing this to get off with some protestant boys, Mammy. We're doing this to reach across the divide.
Mary: Did your mother get a new big bowl?
Michelle: I don't think so.
Erin: We're doing this for peace!
Mary: All right, Erin. No need to make a big song and dance about it.

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