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The Days of Wine and Neuroses

‘The Days of Wine and Neuroses’

Season 9, Episode 16 -  Aired January 24, 1991

Rebecca receives a surprising message from Robin, who is about to be paroled. Meanwhile, Cheers gets a karaoke machine.

Quote from Sam

Rebecca: Hold your horsies. [glass clattering] Here I come. [banging] Ow! Oh! [opens door to Sam] Oh, well. You're not the pizza boy but you're cute.
Sam: Ooh! How do you see anything in here?
Rebecca: Oh, let me just open those drapes and let in a little light, okay? [sits down and breathes smoke out]
Sam: Why don't l, uh, turn on a lamp here, huh? [turns the lamp on]
[Rebecca turns the lamp off]
Sam: Come on, honey. [turns the lamp on again]
[Rebecca turns the lamp off again]
Sam: Click.
[Rebecca turns the lamp on]


Quote from Rebecca

Rebecca: So that's it isn't it? I don't want to marry Robin. (sniffles) Well, I guess I won't be needing this anymore. [Rebecca removes a bottle of champagne from under the lampshade] Right now I made my decision. Robin is history. There. [sighs] It feels good.
Sam: All right.
Rebecca: Yeah. Let's celebrate. [pours a drink]
Sam: No, no, we don't need to do that.
Rebecca: Yeah, you're right. You're right. There is a better way to celebrate, Sam. Drop your pants.
Sam: What?
Rebecca: You heard me, buddy. I want you.
Sam: Oh, no. Sweet sweetheart, we- We can't do this.
Rebecca: Oh, yes, we can, Sam. The train is pulling into the station.
Sam: No, no.
Rebecca: All aboard. Whoo, whoo.

Quote from Sam

Sam: I'm sorry, I- I won't do this.
Rebecca: Why?
Sam: Well, first of all, you've been drinking a little bit and you know, a gentleman has rules. And second, you're kind of repulsive right now.
Rebecca: You can't take it? [blows smoke in Sam's face]
Sam: I'm gonna go home.
Rebecca: No, Sam, Sam, we have all night. [sings] We've got tonight Who needs tomorrow? Let's make it last, babe Let's fi...nd The way. [talks] Sam Malone I want you to get ready for the most exciting night of your life. [passes out on him]

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