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Sisterly Love

‘Sisterly Love’

Season 7, Episode 21 -  Aired April 27, 1989

When Rebecca's estranged sister, Susan (Marcia Cross), visits Cheers, Sam senses an opportunity to get closer to both of them.

Quote from Sam

Sam: That wasn't funny. [laughter] That wasn't funny. I mean, that's the kind of thing that could, you know, give somebody serious mental damage. Am I right, Lilith?
Lilith: No, it was funny, Sam. [laughter continues]
Rebecca: Susan, Susan, you were so good. Wasn't Susan good? [applause]
Susan: You were pretty good yourself.
Rebecca: Sam, are you all right?
Sam: I'm hurt. I'm hurt and I'm... I'm offended. And quite frankly, I can't believe that you two think that this is some sort of silly joke. Am I right, Norm?
Norm: [laughs] Yeah.
Sam: I'm never going to speak to either one of you again.
Rebecca: Oh, Sam, that's really too bad, because you know, in a way, fending off your stupid advances brought Susan and I back together. We haven't been this close since we were kids. We're grateful.
Sam: How grateful?


Quote from Sam

Sam: Hey, Woody, what's new?
Woody: Well, nothing much. Oh, your car alarm's going off.
Sam: What? Someone's breaking in my car and you don't run in here to tell me? We're not talking about any car here, man, we're talking about my 'Vette! It's a classic, it's irreplaceable! [passes Susan] Hey, why don't you come in and sit down here.
Woody: Sam, what about your alarm?
Sam: Well, you're taking care of that, Woody, aren't you?
Woody: I was? Oh, I must be off in another world.

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