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Quote from No Contest

Diane: What do you think I am?
Sam: Are you kidding me? I just thought you were cute. I mean, is that such a big deal? Cheers has never won this before. I thought it might be nice if we did. I thought it might be nice if you won it for us. I mean, I didn't even think. I just picked up the silly picture and sent it in.
Diane: By the way, where did you get that picture?
Sam: [mumbles] I... Well, you know, I found it.
Diane: Found it where?
Sam: Well, as a matter of fact, you were pretty careless. I found it lying around in your wallet.


Quote from Power Play

Sam: You know, you've made my life a living hell.
Diane: I didn't want you to think it was easy.
Sam: Let me just kick these things off the bed here.
Diane: Oh, why don't you put them in the other room? I'll be less inhibited if they're in the other room.
Sam: Oh, yeah?
Diane: Now, be very careful, because some of them are old and sensitive.
Sam: Don't you think maybe you ought to call the cops off?
Diane: Oh, Silly Sam. I never called the police.
[Sam goes to the window and starts throwing Diane's stuffed animals out]
Diane: Sam, will you make sure Gary Gorilla and Mr. Jammers aren't next to each other? They don't get along.
Sam: Not to worry. They're a mile apart.

Quote from Birth, Death, Love and Rice

Frasier: You know, it's funny, even through all this, I still think of you as my goombah. Well, it's best that I get going. But let's do the lunch thing sometime.
Sam: I'd like that. Yeah. Take care.
Frasier: You won't go see her?
Sam: No way. No.

Quote from The Groom Wore Clearasil

Sam: Anthony, consider yourself kissed good night. Okay, you want that root beer, huh?
Anthony: Great. That's me and Annie's favorite. She loves it when I make it come out my nose.
Sam: Yeah, I know. That always works for me too. Listen, Anthony. l know you like Annie a lot-
Anthony: Oh, no. I love her.
Sam: Anthony, there's only two times a man uses that word: tennis, and when he's already paid for the room. You know what I mean?

Quote from Save the Last Dance for Me

Nick Tortelli: Hey. What are you doing here with Sam? I thought you were coming with Eddie Csznyk.
Carla: Sam happens to be a much better dancer. And he has the grace of a swan.
Sam: Bull swan.

Quote from Dance, Diane, Dance

Sam: Uh, Diane, while you were out, your, uh, dance teacher's assistant came by.
Diane: Oh, poo. Madame Likova didn't come?
Sam: No, no, uh, she got hold of a bad bowl of borscht.

Quote from Dance, Diane, Dance

Diane: Oh, I can't.
Frasier: Oh, oh, come on. You, you're going to have to open it sometime.
Diane: "Technique: very good. Strength: very good. Emotional response: outstanding. Flexibility: average"? Well, I always thought I was very flexible. [Frasier rolls his eyes] "Excellent natural instincts. Soul of a dancer. If not for the late start, could have had a career in dance." Oh, my. Oh, I'd love to call her and thank her. Maybe I can still catch her at the hotel.
Frasier: Oh, no, no, Diane, I don't think that's a good idea at all.
Diane: Why not?
Frasier: Why not? Why not?
Sam: Because, uh, because... Well, uh, you know, she's probably packing and if you disturb her right now, she'd probably put, uh, her, her work clothes in one bag and her regular stuff in another bag. Then if the airline lost one of those bags, then she, you know, either she wouldn't be able to work or she'd look real goofy out there on the street. That's why not.

Quote from The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit

Sam: Hey, you know, actually, uh, these, uh, windows don't open. You're in a what's called a climate- controlled office.
Norm: Very impressed, Sam, eh?
Cliff: Oh, hey, Sammy, you do look every inch the corporate muckety-muck there, doesn't he?
Sam: Well, you know, I don't want to brag. Mimi, get in here and brag for me, will you? [laughter] Just kidding, Mimi.

Quote from Loverboyd

Sam: Good news, Woody.
Woody: All right. You finally found Kelly's bedroom?
Sam: No. I met the cutest little chambermaid. She's making popcorn. You want some?
Woody: Sam, how can you think of popcorn when my life and happiness are at stake?
Sam: It's cheddar.
Woody: Ooh, gimme.
Sam: Thank you.

Quote from Loverboyd

Kelly: Woody, I just can't run off and marry you at the drop of a hat.
Sam: Boy, this is a great little comb. Teeth aren't too wide, nice flexibility, good heft. I've been looking for one of these for my eyebrows.
Kelly: That one's for blondes.
Sam: For... Jeez, you are rich.

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