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Rebecca Redux

‘Rebecca Redux’

Season 9, Episode 3 -  Aired October 4, 1990

Sam is overwhelmed as he tries to manage Cheers on his own. He can't ask Rebecca back as she has found a job in public relations, so Sam hires Earl (Bryan Clark), a friendly older guy who everybody instantly loves.

Quote from Sam

Sam: He's working here now. He's, uh, he's a real nice guy. We all got close to him real fast. He's like a father figure to all of us. Are- Are you sure you gave the auto show a chance?
Rebecca: Sam!
Sam: Kid, you've got the job. You've got the job.
Rebecca: This is swell. And, you know, I bet I'll grow to love Earl just as much as everybody else does.
Sam: Hmm.
Rebecca: So what do you want me to do first?
Sam: Fire Earl.
[Sam pushes Rebecca out of the office and closes the door. He slams the door shut and braces himself against it. He waits a moment and opens the door slightly to listen for any uproar. Satistified that all is calm, Sam opens the door. A thick hand reaches out and grabs Sam by the neck.]
Norm: You fired Earl!

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