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Quote from Lilith in Baby Balk

Lilith: [on the phone] I'm sorry. Please continue.
Rebecca: You know, Sam and I are trying to have a baby. All right, tonight when we were... Just when things got all you know, heated and involved, well he left for no apparent reason. I mean I don't think Sam was turned on.
Lilith: Oh, my God. The seventh sign.


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Quote from Lilith

Carla: Phone call for you, Chalk Face.
Lilith: Thank you... Velcro Top. I've been waiting to use that.

Quote from Carla

Sam: Hey, uh why don't you have the, uh, smokers sitting in the smoking section?
Woody: Oh, of course. Where's my head?
Carla: Probably in the pumpkin patch wondering when the mix-up occurred.

Quote from Lilith

Rebecca: [on the phone] Lilith, what am I doing wrong? A- Am l, am I not hot enough? Am I not sexy enough?
Lilith: Actually, Rebecca, perhaps you're too sexy.
Rebecca: What do you mean? And thank you.
Lilith: Well, Sam is the type of person for whom sex has always been down and dirty. Now that he's trying to father a child, dirty sex is the furthest thing from his mind. He wants it clean.
Rebecca: So what do I do?
Lilith: Well, don't act hot and sexy, that's for sure. Just keep reminding him that he's making a baby. The evening should be sacred and holy. That'll get his engine running.
Rebecca: I got it, Lilith. Thank you so much.
Lilith: All right. [hangs up]
Frasier: Who was that on the phone, dear?
Lilith: I was just counseling Rebecca.
Frasier: And I was counseling Sam. Recreational versus procreational sex?
Lilith: Exactly. They're so lucky to have us.