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Quote from Norm in Baby Balk

Man: [enters] Hey, everybody, guess what. My buddy just bowled a 300!
Norm: Great. Like anybody cares, huh?
Man: A round of drinks on me!
Norm: All right! Way to roll that melon, buddy!


 ‘Baby Balk’ Quotes

Quote from Lilith

Lilith: [on the phone] I'm sorry. Please continue.
Rebecca: You know, Sam and I are trying to have a baby. All right, tonight when we were... Just when things got all you know, heated and involved, well he left for no apparent reason. I mean I don't think Sam was turned on.
Lilith: Oh, my God. The seventh sign.

Quote from Lilith

Carla: Phone call for you, Chalk Face.
Lilith: Thank you... Velcro Top. I've been waiting to use that.

 Norm Peterson Quotes

Quote from Tan 'n' Wash

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Paul: Hey, Norm, how's the world been treatin' ya?
Norm: Like a baby treats a diaper.

Quote from Paint Your Office

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Man: Hey.
Woody: What's going on, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Let's talk about what's going in Mr. Peterson. Beer, Woody.