Woody Quote #311

Quote from Woody in Executive Sweet

Woody: Oh, hi, Miss Howe. Uh, you got a message. Mr. Stone got fired, and the new Executive Vice President wants to see you in his office at 4:30 p.m. sharp.
Rebecca: Let me see that. This is a blank piece of paper, Woody.
Woody: Well, I know. I just carried it to remind me to give you the message.


 ‘Executive Sweet’ Quotes

Quote from Cliff

Cliff: Good gravy, look at here. Says that one out of every three of our leisure dollars is spent in some kind of an amusement park. Mickey Mouse is a billion-dollar industry. For crying out... You know, if you've got to have theme parks, you know, why not give the kids some real heroes to look up to? You know what I mean? Like generals, astronauts, postal workers, uh, pioneers.
Frasier: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up there, Cliff. Postal workers?
Cliff: Sure. Yeah, why not? Hey, why not indeed. Get this. "Postal World". Huh? No, hey, hey, that's that's not half bad.
Norm: No. It's all bad.
Cliff: No, no, no. No. No, no, no. Just imagine this. You know, a whole amusement complex devoted to the postal experience. I mean, all of America could thrill to the glory and-and the pageantry and the passion that is the US Postal Service.
Frasier: And you seriously think that'll work?
Cliff: Oh, you bet I do. You know... You know, if I can peddle this idea, I might be able to make some real money and get out of this dead-end job.

Quote from Sam

Sam: Good Afternoon, Miss Howe. I believe you've met my associate, Mr. Peterson.
Norm: How do you do?
Rebecca: What is this?
Sam: Well, since you admire the people in the business world so much, I thought that I would try speaking to you in a language that you might understand. First graph, please.
Rebecca: Norm, how much did he pay you to do this?
Norm: Oh, come now. Mr. Malone and I go way back. We're dear old friends. $80. Not yet.
Sam: Okay. Now, this first graph represents your dating history.
Rebecca: There's nothing on it.
Sam: Exactly.
Rebecca: Next graph, please. Now, this line represents the sexual drive of a woman about your age throughout her entire life. All right. Now, this line here represents the sexual drive of a man about my age. You'll notice that these two lines intersect at approximately 4:27 this afternoon right here.
Rebecca: What's that?
Sam: My place. Thank you, Mr. Peterson. That'll be all.

Quote from Rebecca

Norm: Well, this gets you off the hook a little bit, doesn't it?
Rebecca: Don't be so sure. Things don't change. It's just another executive who will take an instant dislike to me, and then make my life hell. Unless he's been reading my reports and sees that I've been treated unfairly and decides to champion me in the firm. Come off it! I'm sure he's already heard the stories, and he's just gonna bring me in there and laugh at me. [opens office door] I need to calm down. I'm beginning to hear buzzing sounds. [enters office then comes back out] What the hell is in this box?
Woody: Those are my bees, Miss Howe.
Rebecca: Enough said.
Woody: Hey, can I keep them in there till then end of the day?
Rebecca: Sure. Anything you want. In my mood, I'll agree to anything.
Sam: Sounds like my cue.