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Quote from Norm in Fortune and Men's Weight

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Coach: How does a beer sound, Norm?
Norm: I don't know, Coach. I usually finish 'em before they get a word in.


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Quote from Norm

Norm: It says, "Your most troublesome problem will soon be solved."
Cliff: Hey, Norm sounds like you're going to get a trim on the old antlers tonight, huh?
Coach: Norm, what's your most troublesome problem?
Norm: You know, that's tough to say, Coach. Let's see. I'm overweight, unemployed, separated, depressed, starting to drink too much. I guess my biggest problem is I've never been happier.

Quote from Coach

Sam: Coach, why did you do this? I've told you a thousand times, don't buy anything for the bar without checking with me.
Coach: Gee, I'm sorry, Sam. That salesman, I just couldn't resist him. I mean, he had a way about him.
Sam: One of those fast talkers?
Coach: No, no. No, no. This big tall skinny guy with a beard. He reminded me of somebody in history. Uh, a president. The guy who freed the slaves.
Sam: Abraham Lincoln?
Coach: Only this guy wasn't nice at all. As a matter of fact, he was kind of mean. He reminded me of that little guy in Germany with the mustache. World War II.
Sam: Adolf Hitler?
Coach: Boy, don't play trivia with this guy.
Norm: Coach, you mean this guy was a cross between Abraham Lincoln and Hitler?
Coach: Normie, I don't know. I just want to tell you, he was strange, Normie. He was all dressed in black, and his eyes shined like coals and he had this deep voice and he said to me, [deep voice, German accent] "This scale will not only tell you your weight, but it will tell you your destiny."
Diane: He had an accent?
Coach: No.
Carla: Then why did you say it like, [German accent] your weight and your destiny?
Coach: Just a little color, Carla.

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Quote from Tan 'n' Wash

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Paul: Hey, Norm, how's the world been treatin' ya?
Norm: Like a baby treats a diaper.

Quote from Paint Your Office

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Man: Hey.
Woody: What's going on, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Let's talk about what's going in Mr. Peterson. Beer, Woody.