Carla Quote #99

Quote from Carla in Pick a Con.. Any Con

Sam: We just discovered that George has been hustling Coach for a lot of money.
Diane: George? That sweet, white-haired gentleman? Piffle.
Coach: No, Diane, it's true. Gee, Sam, isn't there anything we can do about it? Anything?
Carla: I got it. We beat him up, strip him, take his money and put him on a bus.
Diane: Subtle, Carla.
Carla: Hey, that's how I got to Boston.


 ‘Pick a Con.. Any Con’ Quotes

Quote from Sam

Sam: Hey, you feeling lucky tonight?
Diane: What you got in mind?
Sam: A game of chance, simple cut of the cards.
Diane: What are the stakes?
Sam: If I win, I get to go to bed with you.
Diane: What if I win?
Sam: You get to go to bed with me.
Diane: Forget it.
Sam: I understand. You'd rather earn it.

Quote from Sam

Sam: You're in a pretty good mood tonight.
Diane: Why not? Last night, I was up until two in the morning finishing off Kierkegaard.
Sam: I hope he thanked you for it.

Quote from Coach

Sam: What are you laughing at?
Coach: That.
Harry: One born every minute, huh, guys?
Coach: We did it, Harry!
Harry: There's your money. Now, who wants to play double or nothing?
Sam: You had George conned that you two were working together while it was you and Coach?
Coach: You're not even close.
Harry: Yeah, he is.
Coach: Oh, that's it exactly. Come on, everybody, coffee's on me.