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Quote from Carla in Coach Returns to Action

Sam: [on the phone] Sure, Sister, that'll be fine. You're welcome. [hangs up]
Cliff: Hey, Sammy, I didn't know you had a sister.
Sam: Oh, no. That's Sister Theresa from St. Matthias School for Girls. She's sending a student over with a playbill.
Carla: Hey, you know that St. Matthias is a good school. I've had two kids thrown out of there.


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Quote from Cliff

Diane: Well, what I can't fathom is how one can drink cold beer in freezing weather.
Norm: Cliff? Explanation please.
Diane: Now, how do you know he has one?
Norm: Five bucks says he does, ten says it's a doozy.
Cliff: When the British ruled Punjab...
Norm: Ten bucks all the way.
Cliff: ...they drank steaming hot tea on the hottest days of the year to balance out their inside and outside temperatures. See, conversely, drinking an ice-cold drink on a cold day actually results in a more comfortable body temperature.
Diane: All right. Why do you drink ice-cold beer on a hot day?
Norm: Mr. Clavin?
Cliff: What else are you gonna do with it?

Quote from Norm

Cliff: So, how was your Sunday, Norm? You catch the Celtics-75ers game?
Norm: Oh, yes, and the Bruins-Flyers, the Ramos-Ramos fight. Yesterday, Australian rules football. Tomorrow, we got Boston College play Iona. Put that money down, pal.
Cliff: Eh, I'll be ready.
Diane: Doesn't your wife ever complain that you never spend any time with her?
Norm: Would you?

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Quote from Cheerio, Cheers

Coach: Carla, what are you looking for? A sign from God? Religious belief is based on faith.
Carla: Yeah, well, I never thought I'd say this, Coach, but I think I've lost faith.
Frasier: Hey, listen up, everybody. I have an announcement to make. Diane here is leaving for Europe and she's not coming back to Cheers ever.
[Carla drops to her knees and prays]
Carla: [sings] I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows. I believe that somewhere in the darkest night a candle glows.

Quote from The Beer Is Always Greener

Norm: Hey, hey, hey, hey, Carla, let me get this straight. You're really not going back to Cheers?
Carla: I know it's a lousy job, Norm, but for the amount of money they're throwing at me, it's nothing I can't take.
Bartender: Carla, uh, I'm gonna put a new trainee with you for the next two weeks. She's a bright girl. She's, uh, an anthropology student at B.U. Ellen! Ellen, come meet Carla.
Ellen: Well, you must be Carla. I know what you're thinking: "She doesn't look like a waitress." That's because I'm really a writer. Or actuellement, a poetess.
Carla: [screams]