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Quote from Lilith in The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

Lilith: I'm going now. I'd like to leave a parting word. I want you to know that what I'm doing is very difficult. It is not to hurt Frasier. It's to acknowledge the fact that I'm changing. No one can go living year in and year out without ever changing. It's impossible. [looks at Norm and Cliff] Or at least it's very rare.


 ‘The Girl in the Plastic Bubble’ Quotes

Quote from Lilith

Lilith: Well, I'm off. I don't know what the future holds. Whatever happens, I only hope I can realize my full potential. To acquire things the old Lilith never had.
Carla: Like a body temperature?
Lilith: That's very good, Carla. Incidentally, I've taken your little wisecracks for a few years now, you hideous gargoyle, and if you ever open that gateway to hell you call a mouth in my direction again, I'll snap off your extremities like dead branches and feed them to you at gunpoint. God! That felt good.
Carla: Well... that was just plain rude.

Quote from Lilith

Lilith: Frasier?
Frasier: Well, look who's here. I suppose this is the part where we fight over who gets to keep our friends.
Lilith: [looks around the bar] No.

Quote from Woody

Woody: Boy, Dr. Sternin-Crane having an affair with another guy. Mm, this reminds me of a terrible scandal we had back in Hanover. Rocked the whole town to its core. Mayor's wife ran off with old Mr. Smithers.
Frasier: Oh, that's not so scandalous, Woody.
Woody: Well, Mr. Smithers was a goat.
Sam: W-Woody, why... Why don't you take a break?
Woody: Again? Man, this day is flying!
Frasier: You know what the most painful thing about it is? I... I didn't see it coming. Lilith had an affair. I had no idea. Now she's leaving me and... There were no signs. Do you know what I mean, Sam? Sam?
Sam: I'm sorry. I'm still back on Mr. Smithers.