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Quote from Rebecca in The King of Beers

Rebecca: Everybody step up while Lady Luck thumbs her nose at Rebecca Howe. [bell rings] I got my nickel back.
Frasier: [to Carla] I thought that thing was supposed to pay off.
Carla: [to Frasier] It's been paying off all week. I guess it's empty.
Sam: Oh, I'm sorry.
Rebecca: Sorry? This has never happened to me before. I broke even. I've never broken even before. I'm not a loser. I'm a break-evener. Norm is a loser. See him eating his ice cream? You know what this means? It means that my life isn't so terrible. It's... It's so-so! [laughs] Isn't this great?! [exits]
Norm: Hey, guys, did Rebecca call me a loser?
Frasier: I'm afraid so, Norm.
Norm: Good. I thought she said, "Leave me some."


 ‘The King of Beers’ Quotes

Quote from Norm

Norm: Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Sam: What's the story, Norm?
Norm: Boy meets beer. Boy drinks beer. Boy gets another beer. In this performance, the role of the boy will be played by Norm Peterson.

Quote from Rebecca

Norm: Going a little bit overboard here, aren't you? After all, it's just a silly little machine.
Rebecca: It's not a silly machine, Norman. It is- It is a metaphor for life. It is. Everybody gets to pull the handle, and sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose. But I always lose. I pull the handle, and I get cherry, lemon, [voice breaking] Bell!
Norm: Rebecca, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason you always lose is because you think you're going to lose?
Rebecca: Oh, don't give me that crap! I tried that positive thinking stuff, and I knew it wouldn't work, and sure enough, it didn't!

 Rebecca Howe Quotes

Quote from I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking It in Your Face

Sam: [on the phone] What are you doing? Where are you going?
Rebecca: I'm- l'm going home to San Diego, Sam. I want to try and forget Boston. I want to erase the last three years of my life.
Sam: It's been five, Rebecca.
Rebecca: [sobs] Has it been that long?

Quote from License to Hill

Rebecca: Sir, here is your Scotch and soda.
Carla: Rebecca.
Rebecca: It's all right. I have a plan, just watch this. Here you go. N- N- N- N- No. I don't need any money. I want you to take this and just think of it as a gift from me, Rebecca Howe, private citizen and in no way affiliated with this bar.
Man: Thanks.
Rebecca: You see that? That's all we have to do, that's the answer. All we have to do is give everybody free alcohol and not take any money for it, and this bar can stay in business forever!