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Quote from Robin Colcord in Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby

Cliff: Mr. Colcord. You English guys, you play darts a lot, don't you?
Robin: Oh, yes, we English do nothing but sit around in pubs, sipping thick, warm ale, throwing darts incessantly, dropping our Hs, and singing God Save the Queen. That's all we do in England.
Woody: Wow, that film strip they showed in junior high was right on the money.
Robin: I'm sorry I snapped. It's, um, not because of you people. It's this business of, um, sitting around all day, doing nothing. Gets on my nerves, you know. Or, um... Maybe it is you people.


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Quote from Cliff

Cliff: You know, this, uh, getting up in the middle of the night with a crying baby stuff, that's... That's the reason I never had kids.
Norm: That's the only reason, huh, Cliff?
Cliff: Well, and the fact that my mother taught me to have a healthy respect for the evils of overpopulation, Normie. Yeah, you know what? I can still remember her looking at me and saying, "For the love of God, Cliffy, let it stop with you."

Quote from Norm

Frasier: You know, it just isn't fair. I mean, I came to the... I wanted to be one of the guys. And all I'm doing is sitting on my duff watching other people do things.
Norm: Welcome to Normworld. Keep your hands inside the car at all times.

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Quote from Finally! (Part 2)

Robin: Rebecca, I knew I'd find you here. That's fascinating. Everyone else in the world, at the end of the evening, goes to their homes; you people come to this bar.

Quote from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Bar

Robin: My God. Look at you people.
Sam: Robin.
Robin: Look at your bar, Sam. In your greedy desire to obtain a non existent money belt, you destroyed what was most important to you.
Sam: Excuse me. What was that word right before "money belt"?
Robin: Non existent. Fictitious. Uh, mythical.
Sam: Nothing? Not even like a small change purse?
Robin: Nothing. And here you've torn apart your bar. I'll bet you turned on each other, too. How many side deals did you have going?
All: Oh. [all groan and mutter]
Sam: Oh, Robin, man, how could you do this to us?
Robin: To show you what money can do to a person. You all despised me when I was wealthy. You didn't understand that I was victim of an illness: greed. But now you do understand, because all of you here tonight have fallen victim to that same illness. Hopefully you've all learned something. And that's why I did what I did. Uh... plus, uh, I never really liked you. Ta.