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Quote from Frasier in Death Takes a Holiday On Ice

Frasier: Carla, different people deal with the loss of a loved one in different ways. As such, your stoic behavior is quite understandable, but studies in human behavior tell us that we need to grieve. And until we do allow ourselves that emotional release, we can never really get back on the course of life. You see, some people hold in their grief for literally years and years. And all they accomplish is to prolong the grief and the agony, casting a pall over their own remaining days on this earth. [sobs] Oh! Oh, mommy! Mommy, why you? Oh!


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Quote from Woody

Father Barry: So we, the friends of Edward LeBec, silently, each in his own way, bid him good-bye, secure in the belief... That he will live in eternal peace.
Woody: I think this is a nice service.
Sam: You've been to a lot of them, Wood?
Woody: What do you mean, Sam?
Sam: Just from the size of your family and all the unfortunate things that seem to happen.
Woody: No, no, no, Sam, you've got that wrong. Very few of those people were killed, just maimed. I had an uncle who lived to be 103. He had both ears till he was 101.

Quote from Carla

Carla: Look, lady, I don't know what you're trying to pull, but I'm not amused.
Woody: Yeah, if you're trying to get a laugh at a funeral, you're going to have to be a lot funnier than that.
Gloria LeBec: I am Gloria LeBec, as in Eddie LeBec. Who the hell are you?
Carla: I'm Carla LeBec, Eddie's poor, grieving widow.
Gloria LeBec: I'm Eddie's poor, grieving widow.
Carla: That's impossible. See this? [holds up her ring finger]
Gloria LeBec: Yeah? Well, see this? [holds up her ring finger]
Carla: Yeah? Well, see this? [holds up her fist]

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Quote from Veggie-Boyd

Sam: These are, uh, trivia napkins. Ever since I got the bar back, I've been looking for ways to say, "Hey, thank you for patronizing me."
Frasier: Oh, Sam, I- I know you wanted to use a great big word there. I think that's marvelous, but I believe what you meant to say was, "Thank you for your patronage."
Sam: Really? What's the difference?
Frasier: Patronage means customers. Patronizing is the way one would talk to a small, dull child.
Sam: Kind of like how you're talking to me right now?
Frasier: Aren't you cute!

Quote from Finally! (Part 2)

Frasier: You know, I agree with Cliff. There's a great deal to be said for discretion. You know, it's entirely possible Rebecca may grow tired of Robin and thus avoid the heartache. Then on the other hand, as one who was cuckolded by a lover deeply trusted, the longer led on, the harder the fall. I'm just not sure that Rebecca can be as strong and forgiving as I was when... that bitch Diane dumped me.