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Quote from Coach in Peterson Crusoe

Diane: You know, it took a great deal of courage for Norman to do what he did. I admire and envy him. He has heeded Thoreau who admonished us that, quote, "Life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify."
Coach: Why didn't he just say one 'simplify'?


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Quote from Coach

Coach: Norm, do you want to hear a crazy, hopeless dream? I wanted to play baseball and maybe coach a little, you know. And then afterwards tend a bar in a nice place. And look what happened to me.
Sam: Coach, that's exactly what happened to you.
Coach: Oh, yeah. No wonder I'm such a happy guy.
Sam: Good try, Coach, good try.

Quote from Norm

[Norm enters Cheers with a small bird perched on his finger]
Norm: This is that bar that I was telling you about. These people sit in here night after night, wasting their lives away. But, no, don't hate them. Pity them, as I do. You see, they're chained here, unable to soar free like you and me. [goes outside] Soar, little guy, soar.
Sam: You want to sit down and have a beer or something?
Norm: Oh, no. No time for that. I just stopped in to say goodbye. You see, I'm sailing for Bora Bora.
Sam: Bora Bora?
Norm: Yeah. Ever since I was a boy, the South Pacific has been calling, "Come to me, Norm. This is where you belong." I've always ignored that call, till now. So I'm going to go to the beach and build a hut, send for Vera, and live there the rest of our lives.
Sam: Isn't that nice?
Norm: Yeah, I booked passage on one of those cargo ships where you just work light duties. We shove off at midnight, so...

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Quote from Snow Job

Carla: That was Ann Marie's teacher. Said she's gonna have to hold her back.
Diane: Oh, that's too bad, Carla.
Coach: Oh, don't worry about it, Carla. It's just as bad to skip a grade.
Carla: You skipped a grade, Coach?
Coach: I skipped four. High school, I think they called it.

Quote from Give Me a Ring Sometime

Coach: I'm knocking off, Sam. Home to my book.
Sam: Still working on that novel, huh, Coach?
Coach: Yeah, coming on six years now. I just got a feeling I might finish it tonight.
Diane: You're writing a novel?
Coach: No, reading one.