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Quote from Diane in They Called Me Mayday

Diane: Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing you're Dick Cavett.
Dick Cavett: Ah, well, I couldn't help being Dick Cavett.
Diane: Ah, wit. My ears hunger for it. Being an aspiring poetess, I of course enjoyed your interviews with all those wonderful writers and poets. I will never forget the night when that Russian poet decided to defect right on your stage.
Dick Cavett: Yeah, that was a great moment. Upset the cleaning crew a little.
Diane: [chuckles] Oh, you goose! So what brings you to our hostelry?
Dick Cavett: Well, if you must know, and I gather you must, I'm doing a book-signing party over at the Copley Plaza.
Diane: Yes. Yes, your new book. It's wonderful.
Dick Cavett: Have you read it?
Diane: No, I can only imagine.


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Quote from Coach

Coach: Boy, I feel terrific.
Carla: Been exercising, Coach?
Coach: Yeah, I just came back from doing some laps in the pool.
Carla: How many are you up to?
Coach: Three. Takes about an hour.
Cliff: Coach, that's kind of slow, isn't it?
Coach: Well, I could run a hell of a lot faster if they got the water out of there.
Cliff: Well, you know what they say, Coach. Healthy body, healthy mind. Pick one you've got a good shot at.

Quote from Sam

Sam: I used to watch him on PBS.
Diane: You watch PBS?
Sam: Sure. There was that one show I used to love in particular.
Diane: Which one?
Sam: Well, the one with all the girls answering the phones.

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Quote from No Help Wanted

Diane: Sam, now, it's true, hiring Norman has emotional overtones. But without emotions, the mind becomes a stagnant pond. And let's face it, in your case, we're not exactly dealing with white water rapids in the first place.

Quote from Sam's Women

Diane: Sam, do yourself a favor. Go back to your tootsies and your rat parts. I'd hate to see the bowling alleys close on my account.
Sam: Hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you saying that I'm too dumb to date smart women?
Diane: I'm saying that it would be very difficult for you. A really intelligent woman would see your line of BS a mile away.
Sam: You think so?
Diane: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Sam: You know, well, I've never met an intelligent woman that I'd want to date.
Diane: On behalf of the intelligent women around the world, may I just say... Phew.