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Quote from The Groom Wore Clearasil

Norm: Hey, Woody, give me a refill, would you?
Woody: Coming up. You know, Mr. Peterson, you're amazing. How do you keep putting them away?
Norm: Well, it's all done with mirrors, son. I just never look in one.


Quote from Save the Last Dance for Me

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Woody: How's life, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Oh, I look at it every once in a while when I'm in the john.
Woody: I didn't mean the magazine.
Norm: Neither did l.

Quote from Diane Chambers Day

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Sam: How's life in the fast lane, Normie?
Norm: Beats me. I can't find the on-ramp.

Quote from Strange Bedfellows, Part 1

Norm: [enters] Evening, everybody.
All: Norm!
Diane: Norman.
Woody: What's happening, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: The question is, Woody, why is it happening to me?

Quote from Strange Bedfellows, Part 2

Norm: [enters] Evening, everybody.
All: Norm!
Woody: What's going down, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: My cheeks on this barstool.

Quote from House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick

Carla: Look, I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but it's not necessary. I'm fine.
Cliff: Oh, sure, you're fine. It's a terrific place, Carla. It's got a really nice feeling in here. It's, uh, warm and cozy.
Norm: Have you checked out the rest of the place yet?
Cliff: No, I thought it might be a good idea to have a beer first.
Norm: Yeah, I find that pretty much applies to just about everything.

Quote from A House Is Not a Home

Norm: [enters] Afternoon, everybody.
All: Norm!
Woody: Hey, Mr. Peterson, how's life?
Norm: Oh, the plot's okay, Woody, but it kind of falls apart at the end.

Quote from Send in the Crane

Cliff: Zoos are kind of sad, you know? Huh? I mean, all those sedentary animals can't move, can't run free, they just sit there and drink and shovel food in their faces.
Norm: [stuffing his face] Sorry, man, that is no kind of life.

Quote from What's Up, Doc?

Norm: Yeah, or you could try using my problem. I've always had this terrible fear of being a failure.
Carla: You are a failure.
Norm: Well, then I've licked it.

Quote from A Bar is Born

Norm: Geez. Women. You can't live with them. Pass the beer nuts.

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