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Finally! (Part 1)

‘Finally! (Part 1)’

Season 8, Episode 15 -  Aired January 25, 1990

When Robin Colcord invites Rebecca to join him at an expensive dinner, she is hopeful that tonight will be the night they finally get together.

Quote from Sam

Rebecca: Man, you are going to ruin everything.
Sam: What ruin? It's gonna save you from having to come up with another excuse not to go to bed with the guy.
Rebecca: What makes you think I'm not gonna go to bed with the guy?
Sam: Well, honey, you know, you see the sun come up every morning for 30, 40 years, after a while, you start to trust it.


Quote from Rebecca

Sam: Can I help you?
Bill Medley: Yeah, Rebecca Howe?
Rebecca: Me.
Bill Medley: Rebecca, this is from Robin Colcord. [sings] You never close your eyes anymore...
Rebecca: [drops to her knees] Oh, my gosh! It's Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers. I mean, I knew Robin knew him. And I hoped that one day I would meet him. But I never knew he'd fly him all the way to Boston to sing this song to me. It's Bill Medley. Bill Medley!
Bill Medley: Excuse me. Excuse me. Would you knock it off? Somebody in the bar might want to hear this. [sings] You've lost that lovin' feelin'...

Quote from Rebecca

Rebecca: Sam?
Sam: Yeah.
Rebecca: What's the matter? Something wrong? Are you disappointed?
Sam: Why would I be disappointed?
Rebecca: Well, I guess I kind of thought you wanted me.
Sam: What would give you that idea?
Rebecca: I don't know. A guy hits on you every day for 3 or 4 years, you kind of start to trust it.

Quote from Norm

Sam: You really did it. I can't believe it. I never thought I'd see the day. I mean, first the Berlin Wall, and now this. What was it, the champagne?
Rebecca: No, it was a double bacon chili burger from Little Wally's.
Norm: Whoa. Now, hey, now, wait a second. He took you to Little Wally's Pup 'n' Burger?
Rebecca: You know the place?
Norm: Know it? I plan to be buried there. Seriously. I've bought myself a plot right under the big plastic Little Wally.

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Hello, everyone.
Woody: So, how's the little Dr. Crane?
Frasier: Getting cuter every moment. I have baby pictures. Who wants to see them first? [silence] Well, listen, fellas, there's no need to fight over these. I mean, I got double prints. All right, now... Who do you think he looks most like... Me or Lilith?
Sam: Kind of hard to tell there.
Frasier: Oh, well, here, let me make it easier for you. I just happen to have newborn photos of myself and his mother.
Cliff: Gee, will you look at this. 3 days old and Lilith already had her hair back in a bun.
Sam: I think the kid looks like his mom, Fras.
Carla: Yeah, I do, too. And I mean that. It's not just a shot.
Frasier: I suppose that's only fair. I mean, after all, she did carry Frederick for nine months. What did I do?
Norm: In my household, the hard part.

Quote from Frasier

Norm: I'd say, uh, got to be Little Deuce Coupe.
Cliff: You're crazy.
Norm: What?
Cliff: 409.
Pete: Little Cobra, Little Cobra.
Frasier: Now what mindless subject are you beating to a slow, lingering death? What's the best car?
Norm: No, no. What's the best car song?
Frasier: GTO. You hear them lyrics, boy, you're burning rubber!

Quote from Cliff

Rebecca: I am the luckiest woman in the world to be dating such an influential, rich man.
Cliff: You still don't get it, do you, Rebecca? The measure of a man's wealth is what he carries with him. What he has in his soul.
Rebecca: So you wouldn't switch places with Robin Colcord?
Cliff: Are you kidding? I'd switch places with his socks.

Quote from Woody

Woody: It's ringing, Sam.
Sam: I don't need it this time. Thanks, Woody.
Woody: [answers phone] Oh, hello. Michele? Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that Sam still can't make it. Me? Oh, I'm about 6 feet, blond hair, early 20s. A little party? Sure. I love birthday cake. Is it OK if I bring my girlfriend? Hello?

Quote from Sam

Laura: It's a quarter to 9:00. That's it. I am out of here.
Sam: Come on, honey, Colcord will be here. Maybe he's confused. You know, maybe he's still on Swedish time. What's that? You say you're a member of the Nazi party? Well, forget it, babe. I draw the line. Whew. Narrow escape, guys. Did you see that?
Rebecca: Where is he? Where in the hell is he?
Sam: You think you got a beef. I just had to dump my date for political reasons.

Quote from Robin Colcord

Robin: Chop chop, everyone. Let's go.
Rebecca: Excuse me? Some of us were ready to chop chop one and a half hours ago.
Robin: Rebecca, you look lovely.
Rebecca: I looked lovelier one and a half hours ago.
Robin: Well, darling, we all age, you know.

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