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Executive Sweet

‘Executive Sweet’

Season 7, Episode 3 -  Aired November 10, 1988

Rebecca gets off on the wrong foot with her new boss, but he takes a liking to her anyway. Meanwhile, Woody gets a crate of bees delivered to the bar.

Quote from Sam

Martin Teal: Where's Rebecca?
Sam: She's in the office, and I'm on my way out.
Martin Teal: Sam, before you take off. Um, are you planning on winning Rebecca back?
Sam: No.
Martin Teal: Excellent. Because I'm a man who gets what he wants, and I've decided I want her.
Sam: You're giving her a doorknob?
Martin Teal: It's a diamond ring, Sam.
Sam: You know, isn't a diamond ring what guys usually give when they're about to...?
Martin Teal: That's right, Sam. When I see something I want, I see no reason to wait for it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a deal to close.
Sam: Hey, don't take no for an answer, sir.
Martin Teal: I never do.
Rebecca: [screams] Oh. [thud]
Martin Teal: Rebecca?
[Sam whistles "Here Comes the Bride"]

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