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Quote from Rebecca in Love Is a Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing

Rebecca: Maybe I was a little off. I don't you know? I mean, I knew that I'd been depressed and I'd been crying for a couple of days and... Wait a minute.
Sam: What?
Rebecca: I know what you're doing. You are trying to convince me that I was not good in bed, so I will go to bed with you again to prove how good I can be.
Sam: I swear to you, Rebecca-
Rebecca: No, wait a minute. We did it once and that's all we're gonna do it. And no matter how much we might want it and no matter how great it was for both of us, we're never doing it again.
Sam: Fine.
Rebecca: I mean it, never again.
Sam: Gotcha.
Rebecca: You should listen to me, there is no more.
Sam: I hear you and I agree with you. It was a terrific moment that you and I had together, but the truth is, you know, I can see that you love Robin and Robin loves you, so, truthfully, I'm liberated. I feel, I feel good. But I just hope we can, you know, remain friends.
Rebecca: Oh, get your mind out of your pants.

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