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Quote from Lilith in The Crane Mutiny

Lilith: Yes, I read the letter, you licentious quack! And what facile tripe it is! "We both need time to grow, to develop as people." Who is the slut?
Frasier: She's no slut! What slut? Well, I mean, look, it was all a mistake. It's just a big mistake.
Lilith: Oh, you bet it is, mister. You want your freedom?! Ha, I'll give you freedom. From your teeth! [picks up a dish]
Frasier: No, Lilith! Not the Royal Doulton.
Lilith: You're right. I realize when I contemplate the destruction of property that I'm overstepping the bounds of decorum. If there's any hope of our salvaging any of our relationship, we must remain calm and discuss this in a rational, truthful manner.
Frasier: All right. I'll be honest with you. There was a woman. But I am a man of honor. I did not betray you. Nothing happened.
Lilith: You broke off our relationship for the possibility of a relationship? A mere fantasy? How flattering.

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