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Quote from Diane in The Spy Who Came In for a Cold One

Eric Finch: Your eyes remind me of an etching I bought in Norway. I paid 200 guilders for it.
Diane: The currency in Norway is the Krone.
Sam: Oh, Diane.
Carla: If you have a licence to kill, can I use it a second?
Eric Finch: She's right.
Carla: She is?
Eric Finch: Of course. That how we broke down Norway's economic system by infiltrating the government with foreign currency.
Diane: Hmm. Is that right?
Sam: Oh, Diane.
Eric Finch: That way we undermined the people's confidence and their totalitarian regime.
Carla: Ah-ha!
Diane: Norway doesn't have a totalitarian regime. Ah-ha!
Sam: [whistles] Hey! Get it over here!
Diane: Pardonnez-moi. I believe my employer craves a word.

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