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Quote from Paul in It's Lonely on the Top

Paul: You've got a point there, but Sammy the whole thing is...
Sam: Yeah, no, no, Paul, you don't understand. Please, I've got to ask you: keep this to yourself.
Paul: Sam, you just don't get it. This kind of thing has never happened to me before. And now, with the one time it does happen, I can't even crow about it just a little?
Sam: Yeah, I know. I know how you feel. All right, I tell you what. Why don't you crow in here with me and get it out of your system.
Paul: Well, okay. It won't be quite the same, but... Yes! High five, Sammy! The Paul Monster! [hissing] Give me a P! Give me an A! Give me a U! Give me an L! P-A-U-L! Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul!
Sam: Ah. You through?
Paul: Think so, yeah.

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