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Quote from Sam in Norm's Big Audit

Frasier: Sam, Sam, your behavior leads me to one of two conclusions: A) You're trying to keep us from seeing that game; Or B) You've just suffered a small cerebrovascular accident.
Tim: What the hell is going on here, Sam?
Sam: All right, I'll... I'm sorry, fellas. It's just... I don't want you to see the game. I made a real idiot out of myself. I was, I was drunk that night when I was pitching, and, well, I kind of got mad at the Oriole mascot and well, I skulled him.
Alan: Sammy, now, are- are you talking about that-that big stupid bird that used to dance around on top of the dugout?
Sam: A- Actually, Alan, it turns out that's a man in a bird's costume.

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