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Quote from Cliff in Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Cliff: All right. Who wants to know what Hitler watches on TV?
Norm: Cliff, I'm not gonna play this stupid game anymore. Hitler does not live in your apartment building.
Cliff: All right, from 1500 hours to 1530 hours, he watched The Flintstones.
Norm: Instead of Gilligan's Island? Well, he is a mad man.
Cliff: From 1530 hours to 1600 he watched People's Court. How ironic. At 1630 hours, he clapped off the TV and went to bed. [a man of Indian heritage enters the bar] Oh, my God, Norm! It's him. Hide me.
Norm: This is the guy you thought was Hitler?
Cliff: No, no, worse! It's my landlord, Mr. Cranston.

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