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Quote from Kelly in A Fine French Whine

Henri: Very well. I... I understand. Woody loves you very, very much. So much that he is willing to snatch away my one chance to remain in my adopted homeland. [sings] Oh, beautiful [voice breaking] For spacious skies [talks] They really are spacious, you know!
Kelly: Look at him, Woody. Please let me marry him! Please, please, please!
Woody: Forget it. Kelly, I- I love you, and I don't want to see you with another man. I- I forbid you to marry Henri.
Kelly: Well, Mr. Woody Boyd, the mask has certainly come off. If you're so small-minded that my marrying another man makes you take a rude tone of voice... maybe you're not the man I want to marry right after I marry this man. Come on, Henri, we're leaving.

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