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Quote from Woody in Tan 'n' Wash

Norm: Tell you the one I hate. You know, you're back in college, right? And you haven't been to class the entire semester, and the teacher's about to give the final exam.
Carla: Oh, yeah, that one's the worst.
Cliff: What're you talkin' about, Carla? You never went to college.
Carla: It's a dream, stupid.
Woody: Well, how about the one where you go to this fancy restaurant, and before they let you in, they make you leave your legs at the door? Then the girl gives you claim check number six. So you go in, but instead of food, everyone's eatin' their silverware. Only you can't really enjoy your fork because you're so worried that whoever got claim check number nine might finish first and pick up your legs by mistake.
Carla: Yeah.
Sam: Oh, yeah.

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