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Quote from Sam in Give Me a Ring Sometime

Diane: [answers phone] Hello? Sam? Are you Sam? [Sam mumbles] Yes. Yes, he's here. Someone named Vicki.
Sam: No, no, no, no.
Diane: No, she knows you're here. I told her you're here.
Sam: Well... [Sam runs two fingers along the bar]
Diane: Now, look... [on the phone] I'm sorry, I was wrong. He had to step out. Where? Um... [Sam touches his hair] Well, I think what happened is he... [Sam puts a cloth around his neck and holds two fingers above a strand of hair] he had... He had to go to mime class. Yes. Yes, I'll take a message. You're welcome. [hangs up]
Sam: Well?
Diane: You're a magnificent pagan beast.
Sam: Thanks. What's the message?

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