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Quote from Cliff in It's Lonely on the Top

Cliff: Oh, the best way to reconstruct a night like that, Normie, is to, uh, go through our pockets. Oh, yeah, here we go. All right, uh, here's a receipt for the pizza place.
Norm: I sort of remember that one.
Cliff: Yeah, $24.95, the bowling alley.
Norm: Uh-huh.
Cliff: 200 bucks for the the tattoo parlor. And, uh, 12 bucks for the cab and the doughnut shop.
Norm: Say, Cliff what, uh, what was that one between the bowling alley and the taxicab?
Cliff: Uh, Fred's Tattoo Parlor.
Norm: Yeah, funny that should be in there, huh?
Cliff: Yeah.
[Norm and Cliff each feel their own arms, then lower their hands to their cheeks]
Cliff: I'll tell you what's on your butt if you tell me what's on mine.
Norm: Let's get it over with. [both walk off]
Woody: [to Frasier] Those guys spend way too much time together.

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