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Quote from Carla in It's Lonely on the Top

Sam: Come on, talk to me, will you?
Carla: Oh, l... I can't even say it. It's just the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life.
Sam: You're scaring me, sweetheart. Tell me what's going on.
Carla: Okay. Last night, you know, l... I had a few of those drinks I made and I got loaded.
Sam: I warned you about that, didn't l?!
Carla: I know. I know. But, anyways, I kind of lost track of myself and, I think I went home with a guy.
Sam: Yeah?
Carla: It was a Cheers guy. Oh, Sammy, Sammy, please! Please, tell me it was you!
Sam: I'm sorry, sweetheart, it wasn't me.
Carla: Oh, God! Oh, God, the options that leaves are so horrible!

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