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Quote from Cliff in Norm's Big Audit

Cliff: This particular kind of granite comes from Barre, Vermont.
Norm: Get out - Barre?
Cliff: Yeah. Yeah, you can take a tour of their whole operation up there.
Norm: Yeah?
Cliff: Yeah, ask for a guy named Asa.
Norm: Yeah?
Cliff: Yeah, you can tell him I sent you. He'll, uh he'll do you right.
Norm: He'll set me up?
Cliff: Oh, sure. You see, it's got the, uh...
[A smartly-dressed man who just parked his expensive car by the side of the road drops his keys in Cliff's hand as he walks by]
Cliff: Excuse me, sir? Hey, hey, yo. Sir. This man obviously mistook the uniform of the United States Postal Service for one of the common valet there, Norm.
Norm: Now that you mention it, Cliff, you know...
Cliff: Mistake or not, though, the man has entrusted a valuable possession to one who proudly wears this uniform. As long as that man is in that restaurant, I- I cannot shirk the responsibility he has laid upon these shoulders.
Norm: What are you gonna do, just hang here for a couple hours while the guy eats?
Cliff: Norm, my friend, this is a Jaguar. Jaguar plus postman equals adventure.
Norm: Let's do it.

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