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Quote from Cliff in Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Cliff: Big news, everybody. Put down your beer mugs and hold on to your barstools. Me and Ma just got a new neighbor, moved into our apartment building little guy, about a hundred years old, up from South America, thick German accent, little mustache right about here. Likes to paint. I think you know where I'm going with this.
Frasier: Sweet Lord, I'll bet I do.
Cliff: Yep, Adolf Hitler is living in my apartment building.
Norm: Cliff, I don't even know why I have to tell you this, but Hitler is dead. He died at the end of World War ll in that bunker.
Cliff: Oh, yeah, really? Were you at the bunker?
Norm: Yeah, as a matter of fact...
Frasier: Cliff, throughout the years, we've become accustomed to your... Oh, how shall I delicately put this? Uh... madness. Now, for my own peace of mind, please assure me that you're not going to march up to this man and accuse him of being der Fuhrer.
Cliff: No, my accusations won't come until after I complete my investigation. The case will be rock solid, and it'd better be. l- I've been wrong twice before, you know.

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