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Quote from Sam in The Magnificent Six

Rebecca: I know, I know, and I've tried to quit, but it's too hard- I just can't!
Sam: Yeah, well, you need some professional help. Oh, wait a minute. Yeah, here we go. "Smokers Anonymous," "Smoke Beaters." Oh, yeah, yeah. "Doctor Kluger's No-Mercy Clinic."
Rebecca: Wait a minute. Let me see that.
Sam: Here we are.
Rebecca: Sam, he doesn't even have an ad; it's just his name. How about going with this one with the cute little smoking kitty?
Sam: [on the phone] Yeah, uh, is this, uh, Dr. Kluger? Well, my name's Sam Malone, and I have an employee that needs to stop smoking right this very minute. Can you help me out? Yeah, tell me about your program. Oh! Ow! Boy, I bet that hurts, huh? Wow, I bet you really have to be a doctor to do that, don't you? Uh, no, no.
It sounds terrific. Yes, I can. All right, great! Thank you very much. [hangs up]
Rebecca: Sounds good.
Sam: Oh, yeah.
Rebecca: I'll fit it in in my spare time. Maybe I'll stop by next week.
Sam: No, you don't understand, hon. We got to get you up to the sidewalk right now. They're sending the, uh, Kluger van.

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