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Quote from Sam in The Little Match Girl

Sam: Oh... oh, my God.
Fire Marshal Dobbins: Mr. Malone. Everything's under control. The fire's out, no one was hurt. It was basically confined to this end of the bar.
Sam: Oh... Oh, this is terrible. How did... This is my bar. Oh, man. Oh, oh, yes, wait a minute. [laughing loudly] Oh, thank God! Whoo! [laughs] This is great. This is really good.
Fireman: I'm sorry?
Sam: Gary, you know, from Gary's Olde Towne Tavern? Oh, we're doing always doing pranks like this, you know. First, he makes the bar look like it burned down, and then he gets you guys to go along with it. You are very good. Whoo! Come on, lighten up, will you? Come on, Gary! Come on out. Hey, you know, time to push the button, make everything go back together again, Gary. Gary! It's not Gary, is it?

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