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Quote from Lilith in One Hugs, the Other Doesn't

Nanny G: I have a super idea. Frasier tells me you're having a birthday party for your little boy tomorrow. How about if I come by and sing for the kiddletinos?
Lilith: Oh, well, actually, it's not really going to be much of a party. It's just a small family gathering.
Norm: Oh, hey, if, uh, Nanny G's going to sing, you know Vera's nieces and nephews would love to come. It is free, isn't it?
Nanny G: Sure is.
Carla: Oh! My God, wait till the twins find out. I'll be their hero. I couldn't get tickets to the concert. Guess I should've tried. It's free, right?
Lilith: Actually, as much as I'd love to invite all of you and your little folk, the party's going to be in our own home, and, frankly, it's much too... Well, I just don't want you there.

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