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Quote from John Allen Hill in My Son, the Father

Sam: Ah, Hill.
John: Uh, Sam, you wanted to see me?
Sam: Yeth, I did. What do you think that is?
John: Well, it looks like some kind of animal tooth, Sam.
Sam: Is my tooth. I broke it on your salad. And I want you to know I will see you in court.
John: Oh.
Sam: Yeah.
John: Good heavens, this is frightening. I'm being sued. By Elmer Fudd. Listen, Sam, I don't recall selling you any crab salad. And I don't recall you being in my restaurant. What I do remember is that I gave Woody some leftovers, and you can't sue me for that. Incidentally, Sam, you're drooling.
Sam: That guy dwives me cwazy.

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