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Quote from Woody in Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure

Woody: Look what I just got on the shopping channel. Now, there's only about 2,000 of these little babies left, so a word to the wise. Well?
Rebecca: Well, that's, uh... It's beautiful, Woody. It's a beautiful cow.
Woody: I'll say, and that's not the best part of it. It's also a great clock.
Male Voice: It's [imitates cow bellow] noon.
Sam: What, um... What happens if it's 7:00 o'clock?
Woody: Well, a cow's power of speech are kind of limited, you know. Everything kind of sounds like [imitates cow bellow] noon.
Sam: How do you ever know what time it is?
Woody: Well, it helps if you wear a watch.

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